About the company

Mission and views

MEDIKER Group of Companies is a reliable Kazakhstani company that offers its customers highly professional medical care and excellent service. We base our work on the principles of respect, impartiality, honesty, efficiency, care and trust. The company is aware of its social responsibility, serves the interests of society and the state, fulfills all these obligations to customers and partners.

Our mission

Highly effective business model of private medicine in Kazakhstan.


Partnership and integration with big business. Investment appeal.


Customer focus. Our main value is respect for the rights and needs of clients through constant striving to improve its quality of life, providing a wide range of medical services close to where they live, with a high level of service and continuity in any region of Kazakhstan, in medical centers belonging to the MEDIKER Group of Companies .

High quality and safety. One of the main criteria for competitiveness is the guaranteed provision of high quality medical services. We strive to provide high-quality customer service through the introduction of advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment, based on the principles of evidence-based medicine and meet modern protocols of diagnosis and treatment. We introduce quality management. We strive to obtain and maintain high standards of national accreditation. In the future, we hope to pass the international JCI accreditation.

Professionalism. The main source and driving force of our development are highly professional personnel. We value our staff, constantly invest in their professional development and create the conditions for the effective realization of their potential.

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